About LPG Cylinders

Pacific Alternative Fuels are proud to supply various sizes and types of high quality automotive LPG Cylinders – Cylindrical, Donut & Bracketed tanks.

These tanks are sold individually or as a complete Rear-End Package which includes tank, brackets, bolt & stress plate kits, mounting rubber, universal remote fill valve, hose, clips & couplings, senders, vapour box & vent tubing (for inside installations).

We stock a large range of Petrol Flap Fill Valves designed for specific models of Ford, Holden, Toyota & Mitsubishi vehicles. Also readily available is a full range of ancillary components needed for any repairs & maintenance.

Multivalve Tanks

Single unit multivalve tanks are a universal tank designed to fit internally in the boot or under-floor of any vehicle. They come in various sizes ranging from 55–100 litres.

3 & 4 Valve Tanks

3 & 4 valve tanks are universal tanks designed to fit internally in the boot or under-floor of any vehicle. They come in various sizes ranging from 44–119 litres.

We also have available 34 litre End Fill Tanks which are ideal for D-Gas diesel conversions.

LPG Donut Tanks (Toroidal)

The Donut (Toroidal) LPG tank has been developed to provide a maximum sized LPG storage cylinder with the least amount of intrusion to the vehicle’s boot capacity. Whilst it has been primarily shaped to fit into the spare wheel well the donut tank can also be used externally mounted under-floor.

The Donut tanks are available in 58 & 63 litre. There is also available a custom made donut tank design to fit under-floor of a Ford AU Wagon and Ford BA Wagon.

Bracketed Tankslpg-tank-1.png

We have available bracketed tanks which have been custom made for various Ford, Holden and Toyota vehicles. For dimensions of these tanks, please refer LPG Bracketed Tanks.

We also have available Ford BA Sedan Cylinder Brackets designed to mount specific multivalve cylinders to Ford BA sedans.

Manifold Bracketed Tanks

Toyota Hiace Bracketed Manifold Tank with twin cylinders has been designed to be mounted under-floor of the Toyota Hiace van. After installation the tank is out of sight and doesn’t restrict valuable cargo capacity - ideal for a busy work vehicle.



The Ford Territory Bracketed Manifold Tank which is supplied with Exhaust Modification is designed to be mounted under-floor of the vehicle in place of the spare wheel. This installation is ideal leaving the vehicle with a spacious boot area.




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