About Forklift Conversions

forklift.pngWhy convert to LPG?

  • LPG offers all the power and performance of petrol without the high fuel cost.
  • LPG has significantly lower emissions than diesel or petrol making your workplace a much cleaner environment. Your employees will thank you for it.
  • The clean burning qualities of LPG help reduce maintenance costs.


Pacific Alternative Fuels have designed two Forklift Modules:

  • A 180 module which has the reducer and LPG lock-off all mounted on a 180mm bracket.
  • A 230 module which has the reducer, petrol and LPG lock-offs mounted on a 230mm bracket.


The modular format has been designed for easy and time saving installation on most forklift conversions.


All LPG Conversion Kits (180 & 230) we supply, include every part necessary (Module, mixer, change-over switch, power valve, coupling, relief valve, harness, hoses, reusable hose fittings, bulkhead fitting etc) for the conversion of forklifts to LPG.


Pacific Alternative Fuels also have readily available in stock, a full range of ancillary components for the conversion to LPG and CNG, and the repairs and maintenance on your Forklifts.


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