LPG Car Conversion in NZ – Pacific Alternative Fuels

Why should I use the new Lovato Easy Fast Vapour Injection System?

Lovato LPG Easy Fast Vapour Injection System represents the latest technological evolution for LPG conversion systems. The Easy Fast system has been certified using the most recent standard: EURO 4. Designed for later model vehicles, Easy Fast integrates with the engine management system and injects the LPG into the engine in the same way as petrol. This provides uncompromised performance, and outstanding fuel economy.

The only difference you’ll notice is when paying less at the service station and in knowing you are helping the environment.


  1. LPG Refuelling Valve: Device through which the cylinder is filled.
  2. LPG Tank: Tank for LPG in liquid and gaseous phase.
  3. Multivalve: Allows gas into and out of the tank, measures level of gas in the tank and contains various safety devices.
  4. Reducer: Device through which the changes from the liquid to gaseous phase, thus reducing its pressure.
  5. Filter: Filters gas and measures temperature and pressure of the gas and manifold pressure.
  6. Injector Rails: Injects the correct amount of LPG into each cylinder.
  7. Change Over Switch: Allows user to change between gas and petrol and indicates level of gas in the tank.
  8. Gas ECU: Receives signals from various sensors and calculates the amount of gas to be injected.